Comprehensive Product list and reviews are provided by Impact Foods on the latest organic superfoods in bulk, private label and white label.

Alfalfa Seed Organic
Aduki Beans Organic
Acai Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Aduki Beans Organic
Agave Raw Dark Organic
Alfalfa Seed Organic
Almonds Organic
Almonds Conventional
Almonds (Ground) Organic
Almonds (Whole) Organic
Almonds Flaked Organic
Almonds Flaked Conventional
Almonds Ground Organic
Almonds Ground Conventional
Apple Rings Organic
Apricot Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Apricots (Lerida) Organic
Apricots Chopped Organic
Apricots Whole Yellow – SO2 Conventional
Arborio Rice – white Organic
Aronia powder Organic
Ashwaganda Powder Organic
Banana Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Baobab Powder Organic
Barley Flakes Organic
Barley Grain – for sprouting Organic
Barley grass Powder (China) Organic
Barley grass Powder (EU) Organic
Barley Malt Extract – tub Organic
Bee Pollen Organic
Bee Pollen Conventional
Beluga Lentils (black) Organic
BioBake Strong White (with Vitamin C) Organic
Black Rice Organic
Black Sesame Seeds – whole Organic
Black Treacle – tub Organic
Black Turtle Beans Organic
Black-eyed Beans Organic
Blackberry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Blackcurrant powder Organic
Blackcurrant Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Blanched Almonds Organic
Blueberry powder (Air Dried) Organic
Blueberry powder (Freeze Dried, Premium product) Organic
Brahmi Powder Organic
Bran Flakes Organic
Brazil nuts Organic
Brazil Nuts Conventional
Brown Basmati Organic
Brown Basmati Rice Conventional
Brown Jasmine Rice Organic
Brown Lentils Organic
Brown Rice Flakes Organic
Brown Rice Flakes – gluten-free Organic
Brown Rice Long Grain Organic
Brown Rice Short Grain Organic
Buckwheat Flakes – gluten-free Organic
Buckwheat Flour – gluten-free Organic
Buckwheat Groats Organic
Buckwheat Groats – gluten-free Organic
Bulghur Organic
Bulk Malt Extract Organic
Butter Beans Organic
Cacao Beans Raw Organic
Cacao Butter Organic
Cacao Butter Raw Organic
Cacao Liquor/paste Organic
Cacao Liquor/paste Raw Organic
Cacao Nibs Raw Organic
Cacao Powder Organic
Cacao Powder Raw Organic
Camargue Red Rice Organic
Camu camu powder Organic
Candied Lemon Peel (corn syrup) Organic
Candied Orange Peel (corn syrup) Organic
Cannelini Beans Organic
Carob Powder Organic
Cashews – large pieces Conventional
Cashews Large Pieces Organic
Cashews Whole Organic
Cashews Whole Conventional
Caster Sugar Fine Organic
Chaga Mushroom powder Organic
Chia seeds Organic
Chia seeds Conventional
Chickpeas Organic
Chlorella Organic
Chlorella (Japanese, Premium) Conventional
Cinnamon Organic
Cocoa Powder – 10-12% fat Organic
Coconut Chips Organic
Coconut Dessicated Organic
Coconut Flour Organic
Coconut Milk Powder Organic
Coconut Nectar Syrup Organic
Coconut Oil, Extra virgin Organic
Coconut Sugar Organic
Coconut Water Powder Organic
Cordyceps Powder Organic
Corn Flour (maize flour) – gluten-free Organic
Corn Syrup Organic
Cous Cous – white Conventional
Cranberry powder (Air Dried) Organic
Cranberry powder (Freeze Dried, Premium product) Organic
Currants Organic
Dates – pitted Organic
Dates Chopped Organic
Dates Chopped – some pips Conventional
Dates Select Organic
Dates Select Conventional
Dates Sugar Organic
De Luxe Muesli – 16 natural ingredients Conventional
Deluxe Muesli Organic
Demerara Sugar Conventional
Demerara Sugar Organic
Dijon Extra Strong Smooth Organic
Figs Organic
Figs Chopped Organic
Flax seed protein powder Organic
Flax seeds/linseed Organic
Flax seeds/linseed (Ground) Organic
Fregola – Giant Cous Cous Organic
French Type Lentils Organic
Fruit & Nut Mix Organic
Ginger Crystallised Organic
Ginger crystallised & caster sugar Conventional
Ginger Powder Organic
Ginseng Powder Organic
Gluten-free Jumbo Oatflakes Organic
Gluten-free Muesli – Original Organic
Gluten-free Rolled Oatflakes Organic
Goji Berries Organic
Goji Berries Conventional
Goji Berry Powder Organic
Golden Caster Sugar Fine Conventional
Golden Incan berries Organic
Golden Syrup – tub Organic
Granulated Sugar Extra Light Organic
Green Lentils Organic
Green Split Peas Organic
Guarana powder Organic
Haricot Beans Organic
Hazelnuts Organic
Hemp Protein powder 50% Organic
Hemp Seed Oil Organic
Hemp seeds Organic
Hemp Seeds Shelled Organic
Jumbo Oatflakes Organic
Kasha – Roasted Buckwheat – gluten-free Organic
Light Muscovado Sugar Conventional
Lingonberry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Linseed Brown Organic
Linseed Gold Organic
Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder Organic
Lucuma powder Organic
Maca Powder (Black ) Organic
Maca Powder (Gelatinised ) Organic
Maca Powder (Raw ) Organic
Maca Powder (Red ) Organic
Maiitake Mushroom powder Organic
Malthouse Flour Organic
Mango Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Mango Strips (Brooks Variety) Organic
Maple Syrup Organic
Matcha Green tea powder Organic
MCT Oil Organic
MCT Oil Conventional
Medjool dates Organic
Medjool Dates Conventional
Mesquite Powder Organic
Milk Powder – 26% fat Organic
Millet Organic
Millet Flakes Organic
Millet Flakes – gluten-free Organic
Mixed Nuts – peanut, almond, walnut Chopped Conventional
Mixed Vine Fruit Organic
Moringa powder Organic
Muesli Base Organic
Mulberries Organic
Mung Beans Organic
Neem Leaf Powder Organic
Oat Groats Organic
Oatmeal – Coarse (Pinhead) Organic
Oatmeal – Fine Organic
Oatmeal – Medium Organic
Olive Oil, Virgin Organic
Orzo – rice shape from durum wheat Organic
Orzo – rice shape from durum wheat Organic
Papaya – SO2 – with sugar Conventional
Pea protein Organic
Peach Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Peanuts Organic
Peanuts – superior grade Conventional
Pear Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Pearl Barley Organic
Pecan nuts Organic
Pecan Pieces EXTRA Large Organic
Pecans – Halves Organic
Pine Kernels – Italian Organic
Pine nuts Organic
Pineapple – SO2 – with sugar Conventional
Pineapple Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Pinto Beans (light speckled kidney) Organic
Pistachios – roasted & salted Conventional
Plain White Flour Organic
Plain Wholemeal Fine Organic
Polenta – gluten-free Organic
Popping Corn Organic
Poppy Seed Organic
Pot Barley Organic
Potato Starch Flour Organic
Prunes – Pitted Organic
Prunes – Pitted Conventional
Psyllium Husk powder Organic
Psyllium Husks Organic
Pumpkin seed protein powder Organic
Pumpkin Seeds – AA grade Organic
Pumpkin Seeds – AA grade Conventional
Pumpkin Seeds Austrian Organic
Purple Corn Flour Organic
Quinoa Flakes Organic
Quinoa Flakes – gluten-free Organic
Quinoa Flakes – gluten-free British Organic
Quinoa Grain Organic
Quinoa Grain White British Organic
Quinoa Grain, Black Organic
Quinoa Grain, Red Organic
Quinoa Grain, Tricolour Organic
Quinoa, Puffed Organic
Quinoa, white Organic
Raisins – s/f oil dressed Organic
Raspberry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Raw Chocolate Almonds Organic
Raw Chocolate Goji Berries Organic
Raw Chocolate Mulberries Organic
Raw Chocolate Raisins Organic
Raw Pistachio Kernels Conventional
Red Kidney Beans Organic
Red Split Lentils Organic
Redcurrant Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Reishi Mushroom Powder Organic
Rhubarb Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Rice protein powder (Brown) 80% Organic
Rice protein powder 65% Organic
Roast Whole Hazelnuts Organic
Rolled Oatflakes Organic
Rosehip powder Organic
Rye Flakes Organic
Rye Flour – whole Organic
Rye Grain Organic
Schisandra Powder Organic
Sea Buckthorn powder Organic
Seasalt – Fine – Israel Conventional
Sesame Seeds – whole – brown Organic
Shatavari powder Organic
Shiitake Mushroom powder Organic
Sour Cherry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Soya Beans Organic
Soya Flour – toasted Organic
Spelt Flakes Organic
Spelt Grain Organic
Spelt Grain – for sprouting Organic
Spirulina Organic
Spirulina (Hawaiian, Premium) Conventional
Split Peas Yellow Organic
Strawberry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Strong Wholemeal Flour Organic
Sucanat – Soft Whole Cane Sugar Organic
Sultanas – s/f oil dressed Organic
Sun-dried Tomato Halves Organic
Sunflower seed protein powder Organic
Sunflower Seeds Organic
Sunflower Seeds Conventional
Super Muesli Organic
Super Muesli Organic
Sweet Cherry Powder (Freeze Dried) Organic
Tapioca Flour Organic
Teff Grain – whole brown Organic
Teff Grain – whole brown – gluten-free Organic
Toasted Coconut Chips Organic
Traditional Strong White Bread Flour Organic
Triphala Powder Organic
Tulsi Powder Organic
Turmeric Powder Organic
Vanilla Powder Organic
Vanilla Powder, lower grade vanilla (good for using as ingredients) Organic
Vitality Muesli Organic
Walnut Halves – Light Organic
Walnut Light Pieces Organic
Wheat Bran Organic
Wheat Flakes Organic
Wheat Grain Organic
Wheat Grain – for sprouting Organic
Wheatgrass Powder (Chinese) Organic
Wheatgrass Powder (EU) Organic
White Basmati – Indian Organic
White Cous Cous Organic
White Flour Self-Raising Organic
White Jasmine Rice Organic
White Semolina Organic
White Spelt Flour – UK Organic
Wholegrain Spelt Flour – UK Organic
Wholemeal Cous Cous Organic
Wild Rice Organic
Wild Rice Mix Organic
Yacon powder Organic
Yacon Syrup Organic