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Raw Organic Almonds

Raw Organic Almonds

We are nuts about nuts and so should you. It is the most popular nut in the United States and the demand for it has never waned in the past years. There’s a good reason behind this love affair and it is mainly due to the many health benefits of raw almonds.

Origin: Spain, Italy or USA
Available as: Whole; Grounded
Benefits: Antioxidant, Blood Sugar Control, Protection for Cell Membranes, Lower Blood Preassure, Lower Cholesterol, Prevent Harmful Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol, Reduce Hunger
Nutrition: Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Vitamin B2, Phosphorus
Directions for use: 28 grams, or small handful per day

It protects you from diabetes. Now, who wouldn’t love a food that’s a treat to the taste buds and the body at the same time? Eating raw almonds help decrease the rise in blood sugar after we eat and remove free radicals in the body.

Research in a study showed participants who ate almonds have significant levels of protective antioxidants after each almond meal and none before. They also showed a low rise in insulin and blood sugar after eating compared to other food.

It protects you from cardiovascular diseases. Almonds are high in fats—in monounsaturated fats the same kind found in olive oil. This kind of fat reduces your risk of getting heart diseases. Substituting almond fat from the fat you get from meat and dairy products lower your risk by 45%.

It maintains normal blood pressure. Almonds are rich in magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin E that all work together to improve blood flow, oxygen circulation, muscle contraction (that includes the heart) and nerve transmission. When there is enough magnesium, potassium and Vitamin E in the body, arteries and veins can "relax and breathe" easy.

It may help you lose weight and lowers risk of gaining weight. Well, well...no wonder people are going crazy over almonds! People who eat it have the ability to shed pounds—about 62% reduction in their body mass index—more efficiently than those who don’t eat it. They also lose unwanted fats by 50% on their waist circumference. Those who ate almonds on a regular basis are 31% less likely to gain weight.

There is a long list of health benefits of raw almonds for people who include it in their diet. A quarter of a cup of this nut—which is technically not a nut, but seeds of drupes (stone fruits)—provide 132 calories, 49% biotin, 27% manganese, 18% Vitamin B2, 11% fiber, 16% phosphorous, 40% of Vitamin E and 26% of copper.

Would you like these health benefits for yourself as well? Then, it’s time to buy almonds now.

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