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We import and source a wide range of Organic Superfoods. As we have a large network of producers, suppliers and partners that we work with you can ask for any products that you can’t find in our list and we will do our best to source and quote for these products as well.

Bulk Superfoods
Acai Powder
Agave Nectar
Ashwagandha powder
Baobab powder
Barley grass
Brahmi powder
Brazil nuts
Cacao beans
Cacao butter
Cacao nibs
Cacao paste/liquor
Cacao powder
Camu camu powder
Carob powderSpain
Cashew nuts
Chia oil
Chia seeds
Chlorella powder
Chlorella tablets
Coconut flour
Coconut oil
Coconut Palm sugar
Flax seeds
Ginseng powder
Goji berries
Goji powder
Golden/incan berries
Guarana powder
Hemp oil
Hemp protein powder
Hemp seeds
Lucuma powder
Maca powder
Medjool dates
Pea protein powder
Peacan nuts, halves
Pine kernels
Psyllium husks
Purple corn flours
Reishi powder
Rice protein powder
Shea Butter
Spirulina powder
Triphala powder
Tulsi powder
Vanilla powder
Walnuts Halves
Wheatgrass powder