Impact Foods One-Stop-Shop – From Idea to Launch!


Whether you’re starting your private labeling business, expanding your superfood range, or simply want to have your products packed – we’ve got it all covered!


What makes Impact Foods stand out from other companies is that we offer a unique “one-stop-shop” service that takes our clients’ vision, all the way from the initial concept through to the final product and even order-fulfillment. This means that where clients would normally need to coordinate with at least 5-6 different companies to cover all of the different stages of production, Impact Foods handles the entire project under one roof, guiding you through the whole process and providing you with excellent products and services to help achieve your vision. Here are the services that we can definitely help you with;

Bulk Ingredient


Impact Foods is a leading ingredient company that imports and distributes a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective organic superfood ingredients. We offer a large range of over 300 ingredients and also have a bespoke ingredient sourcing service to cater for additional needs. With this in hand, clients can set out with the ingredients needed, may it be in unique single ingredients or blended products.


Impact Foods Core Line Products

Impact Foods Comprehensive Products

NPD Service


Impact Foods has developed a strong New Product Development Service (NPD) with the goal of providing end customers with innovative health-enhancing products that are used daily. Our NPD team will work for hand in hand with you and develop a product (or products) that will be the foundation of success for your business. We offer the following two unique NPD services:


  • In-house New Product Development 

This service includes consultation and formula/blend creation by our in-house product development specialist. We will work with your vision to create a formula that hits key targets in terms of texture, taste, nutrition, and target price. We provide insights into market trends, ingredients and will assist you in developing a formula where you are clear about its functionality, usage and performance. The price for this service starts at £475+vat. Click here and give us a brief of your new product idea. Once submitted, our representative will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • Premium New Product Development 

Our registered dietitian/ nutritionist and dedicated food lab will work with the client in creating a formula/ blend with specific nutrient content and targeted functionality. This is recommended for clients who wish to make claims about the dietary purpose of their products. Cost is on a quote to quote basis, depending on the time required to work on the formula. The price for this service starts at £2,000+vat.



Starting your brand from scratch is not an easy task and one thing you’d really want is just to have everything in one place. So as part of our “one-stop-shop” service, Impact Foods has an exclusive and committed in-house graphic design team that specializes in Private Labelling artwork and/or design.



Impact Foods has many dedicated partners for packaging and we offer all different types; stand-up and digitally printed pouches, tubs, jars, sachets, bottles, eco-friendly packaging, etc. We can source any type of packaging you would like!

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Impact Foods also provide a bespoke private label packaging service. We specialize in packing pouches and can produce a complete retail packaged product for our clients. We also offer a complete solution for glass jars, plastic tubs, sachets, capsules, bottles, etc. Our dedicated co-packing facilities produce high-quality output, have fast lead times, and hold BRC/ISO Accreditations and Organic Certification.

Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Service


If you’re starting a dropshipping business and don’t have a good place to store your products and need someone to help you process and fulfill orders then Impact Foods will gladly set up an order fulfillment account with us. Our order fulfillment service will cover your warehousing and order processing. This service includes the complete setup of your Order and Warehouse Management System with courier integration which can be directly linked to your eCommerce platform, Amazon or eBay, etc.

Here at Impact Foods, we take pride in providing excellent customer service. Our vision is to bring high-quality products and hassle-free services that will help build trust between consumers and our clients