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Baobab Powder | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

A unique fruit that does so many good things for our health also deserves a unique name: baobab. You may not have heard of it—or at least, not yet—but if you take eating healthy and trying to live a long, full life seriously, you should look into buying organic baobab more closely.

  • ORIGIN: Africa
  • AVAILABLE AS: Organic Powder
  • GOOD FOR : Energy-yielding metabolism, skin, gones, gums, teeth, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, weightloss, psychological and nervous system sunction, blood Pressure, immune system, collagen formation, protection of cells from oxidative stress, electrolyte balance and helps to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Usage: 1-3 teaspoons per day. Great for smoothies or creative raw creations

What is it?

It is a large fruit—almost as big as a coconut—that grows on large and imposing “upside-down looking trees” in Africa. It has a hard outer shell and a naturally dehydrated pulp. Yes, the pulp dries up while it’s still inside the shell and it is this same pulp that people eat and that tastes like a citrusy sherbet. The fruit is heavy, about three pounds, and it is “heavy” when it comes to nutrients too. Baobab seeds on the other hand have a taste akin to cream of tartar and when meals are scarce, these are pounded and used as a food source. Aside from food and medicinal purposes, Africans consider the tree an important source of timber and hollowed out trunks are often used as shelter, water reservoirs, storage of grains, meeting place and even as a burial site. The bark is used as raw material to make as clothing, sacks, fishnets, cords and when grounded, can also be utilized as flavoring for food. The tree’s leaves are eaten as a vegetable (and used as leavening) which can also be used as animal fed. No wonder Africans regard baobab as a sacred tree!

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

It is only very recently that countries like the UK and US are beginning to know this great fruit. Scientific studies on the nutritional content and the possible health benefits of baobab are slowly emerging and the results are very positive.

It has been found that organic baobab has six times more antioxidants than blueberries, ten times more Vitamin C than oranges and six times more potassium than bananas. It offers twice the calcium of milk and more magnesium than coconut water. This nutritional density can rarely be found all at once in just a single fruit.

What can these vitamins and minerals do for you? A lot. For one, Vitamin C is good for keeping a healthy skin, as it contributes to normalize collagen formation for skin and even for the normal function of bones, cartilage, gums, teeth, nervous system and immune system.

Baobab content of Vitamin C’s has much to offer but having a Magnesium content on it makes it one of the most promising superfoods. This superfood contributes good benefits to human body, including electrolyte balance, energy-yielding metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

What makes our baobab different?

You may have trouble finding baobab as it’s a relatively new superfood. Impact Foods is proud to say we can offer high quality organic baobab powder.

The Baobab we source is ethically and sustainably harvested when the baobab fruits are fully matured; when the fruits are hard and woody-looking is also the time when the nutritional value the fruit holds is at its peak.
Baobab is naturally low in moisture—the exact reason why it is very resistant to spoiling. In fact, the pulp (in an unopened shell) can be stored and eaten for up to three months after harvest. Because of this, we do not need to use any preservatives or chemicals on our baobab. Our baobab is organically certified by Organic Farmers and Growers, who is one of UK’s leading organic control bodies, and is free from pesticides, sulphite and other chemicals. When you buy baobab from Impact Foods, you can be sure you what you will get is pure organic baobab products.
Our baobab is prepared simply. After cracking the pods open, the pulp is removed from the shell mechanically. There is no need to remove the moisture from the pulp or subject it to a drying process at high temperatures because the pulp is naturally free from excess moisture. After being separated from its shell, the pulp is milled into a fine powder and the raw baobab powder is immediately bagged.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can supply the highest quality raw organic baobab in bulk, private label and white label. We can deliver our products to anywhere in the UK and Europe and we can handle orders from 20kg to full container loads.

Take advantage of baobab powder health benefits—use it as sprinkle to your breakfast cereal, porridge, smoothies and baked goodies for that extra nutrition we all need.