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Cacao Beans | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Raw Cacao Beans

Growing in the warm climate of South America, the cacao tree—which could either be Criollo Cacao, Forastero or Trinitario—holds in its bosom pods which look like yellow rugby balls. Inside it are raw, bitter-tasting beans. These are the same beans people around the world use as base for chocolates and a whole lot of sweet and even savory dishes.

  • ORIGIN: Ecuador, Peru or Dominican Republic
  • AVAILABLE AS: Whole with or without skin
  • GOOD FOR : Skin, Heart, Energy, Brain, Stomach, Bone and Muscle, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Immune System
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Minerals, Antioxidants, Energy-yielding Metabolism, Nervous System,
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Eat them as a snack, dip them in honey or mixed them in a trail mix

Why Raw Cacao Beans are preferable over cocoa beans

Despite all the buzz over chocolates being a healthy snack, not all chocolates can offer health benefits. Its nutritional value largely depends on the cacao beans used in the chocolate. Raw cacao beans are gently handled and processed which maintains the naturally-occurring compounds and micronutrients which makes them superior to ordinary cocoa beans not just in aroma and flavor, but also in nutritional content and health benefits.

Our Raw Cacao Beans

Impact Foods is at the forefront when it comes to delivering high quality health food—and raw cacao beans is one of them. We believe we can only achieve a quality final product if we are involved in every stage of cacao-growing. The Cacao we source comes from cacao trees that are grown where they can naturally thrive and bloom—in the warm climates of Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic. These trees are cultivated organically—no pesticides or any chemicals are used. We also take measures to extract the beans from the pods without damaging them. Finally, the cacao beans are naturally dried so that its compounds, antioxidants and micronutrients are retained. The raw cacao beans are then carefully packed and ready for delivery. Impact Foods is supplies raw Ecuadorian cacao beans and Peruvian cacao beans of the Criollo cacao variety, beans whole, with or without skin. We deliver them in bulk, wholesale, private label or white label.