New Product Development

Impact Foods is developing core competencies in superfoods, their distribution and New Product Development consultancy skills. Here, we strongly believe that our values are essential in setting the criteria for our food products, to attain the very best on the market and providing end customers with innovative health-enhancing products. We strive to present value and nutrition with the best and healthiest superfoods in mind to develop products that won’t cause unnecessary harm to humans, animals or the environment. 

Our NPD team will work hand in hand with you and develop a product (or products) that will be the foundation of success for your business.  We offer the following two unique NPD services:

In-house New Product Development 

This service includes consultation and formula/blend creation by our in-house product development specialist. We will work with your vision to create a formula that hits key targets in terms of texture, taste, nutrition, and target price. We provide insights into market trends, ingredients and will assist you in developing a formula where you are clear about its functionality, usage and performance. The price for this service starts at £475+vat. 

Premium New Product Development 

Our registered dietitian/ nutritionist and dedicated food lab will work with the client in creating a formula/ blend with specific nutrient content and targeted functionality. This is recommended for clients who wish to make claims about the dietary purpose of their products. Cost is on a quote to quote basis, depending on the time required to work on the formula. The price for this service starts at £2,000+vat.