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Premium Organic Chia Seeds Wholesale

Chia Seeds is a part of the mint family and originally comes from Mexico, where it has been used for thousands of years in cooking. The ancient Aztecs and Mayans used to eat chia seeds before entering into battle or when they needed to walk for longer periods. Chia seeds helped to sustain their energy, give them endurance, and control their appetites when food would be difficult to find. Chia seeds are relatively unknown outside of Central America, but are now quickly gaining recognition as a superfood.

  • ORIGIN: Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina
  • AVAILABLE AS: Organic or Conventional, Protein powder, Oil, Whole or Ground Seeds
  • GOOD FOR : Skin Immune System, skin, energy booster, nervous system, psychological function, protection from oxidative stress, tiredness and fatigue, regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E, bone and muscle
  • NUTRITION : Protein, Iron, Vitamin C, Potassium, Phosporous, Antioxidants, Omega 3, and Gelatinous Fibre
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Chia Seeds can be added to just about anything you want to eat: salad, smoothies, deserts or savoury foods. Recommended daily intake is 15g per day.

Premium Organic Chia Seeds Wholesale

The current raw and organic movement has given us two important things: the knowledge that there are so many existing health foods from all over the world; and access to these superfoods— such as chia seeds—that previously, only other people were enjoying. It wasn’t that long ago when premium chia seeds were found only in corner shelves of small health food stores. Now, thanks to a lot of research about its benefits, chia seeds, are one of the most popular superfoods around.

What is it?

Chia seed is an herb that comes from the chia plant. This flowering plant of the mint family produces tiny, oily seeds—chia seeds—that are similar to flaxseeds. The chia plant is native to Guatemala, Southern Mexico and South America where it has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years.

At the beginning, chia seeds were cultivated only for equine feed. Later on, the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas discovered that its health benefits also extend to humans. And so, they grew the plant for human consumption. They ate the seeds as grain, drank as a beverage when mixed with water, and ground into flour to make bread. It was considered it as an important staple food crop.

But most importantly, because of its tremendous health-enhancing properties, chia seeds have also been used as a medicine—to heal wounds, increase stamina and boost respiratory health. All these things made chia seeds a highly valued crop by ancient civilizations, one even more precious than gold.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

There’s a reason for all current buzz around raw organic chia seeds—chia seed benefits are almost endless. Research in Canada and the US found these tiny seeds are helpful in improving a long list of health problems.

A single ounce of natural chia seeds provides more omega-3 fatty acids than that of salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids—also called polyunsaturated fatty acids—help lower cholesterol, supports people with type 2 diabetes and also boost memory and brain power.

It is an excellent protein source for people looking to get this nutrient without eating meat or animal products. It’s no wonder people all over the world are into raw organic chia seeds.

How to use chia seeds in food? Chia seeds can be enjoyed in food in so many ways—in cakes, smoothies, jams, salads, savory food and practically anything you can think of. Compared to flax seeds, chia seeds are incredibly versatile.

How do Chia Seeds help with weight loss and detox?

Chia Seeds slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and avoid peaks in blood sugar levels thus leaving you feeling satisfied for longer. On top of that Chia seeds are covered with a layer of water-soluble fibre that swells up when wet, adding “volume” to meals without adding more calories to your body. This explains why eating chia can satisfies hunger and lets you feel full for a longer time. These fibres also help to rinse your intestines of toxins and allow your body to detoxify. The conclusion is that chia seeds are excellent for weight loss!

What makes our chia seeds different?

We take great pride in where and how our chia seeds are planted, grown, picked and packed.

Our chia seeds are grown across South America, specifically in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Argentina, where premium chia plants naturally grow. We use premium chia seeds—the black ones which are known to be the most nutritious—developed by native Nahua villagers for more than 500 years. We have partnered with local farmers who have been domesticating chia for generations. This is our guarantee that the quality of our chia seeds begin right from the start of growing process.
Our natural chia seeds are cultivated and grown organically without the aid of any pesticides or chemicals. They are organically certified by Organic Farmers and Growers who is one of UK’s leading organic control bodies. You can be sure our chia seeds contain no heavy metal residues, pesticides, sulfite and other preservatives.
Aside from proper growing and cultivation of our chia crops, carefully thought-of and properly-executed handling is the only way to produce quality goods. Our premium chia seeds are harvested only when the plant become fully mature enough to be cut so that the ultimate quality of the seeds can be achieved.
With a purity of 99.8%, the purity rate of our chia seeds is very high. To be sure that our seeds are free from small pebbles, they are passed through a vibration cleaning machine. Our chia seeds are also checked for dampness. Once found damp, the seeds will be placed on a cloth and hung one meter above the ground where they will be left to completely dry. We routinely inspect and analyze our chia seeds for any remaining impurities by passing them over magnets in order to remove even the smallest of particles.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can provide a consistent supply of the best price chia seeds in organic or conventional form, protein powder, oil, whole or ground seeds. We can also offer organic chia seeds wholesale, in private label or in white label to the UK and all over Europe. We can handle everything from 25kg orders to full container loads.