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Mulberries UK | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Dried Mulberries

Those mulberries might just be lurking in your backyard, or it’s just at the edge of that group of trees you pass by each morning. You can actually forage for them and use them in delicious sweet and savory recipes.

  • ORIGIN: Turkey
  • AVAILABLE AS: White and Black
  • GOOD FOR : Immune System, skin, energy booster, nervous system, psychological function, protection from oxidative stress, tiredness and fatigue, regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Rutin, High source of fiber
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Ideal for snacks, cereals, yougurt, desserts, jams, chutneys, savory dishes, salads and smoothies. Add to herbal tea for a touch of sweetness. Make purees, spreads and sauces. Add to raw food energy bars, cookies or use for baking.

What is it?

It is one of the most common fruits there is. But most of you might not have known that mulberries are not really berries—at least, not botanically. It is a Morus fruit. We just treat them as if they are berries.

They also don’t grow on bushes as what the line on that children song says. Mulberries grow on trees—the same tree used to raise silkworms. The fruit—which is succulent, very juicy and sour- sweet in flavor—is an aggregate composing of many small fruits that are clumped together (drupes). It looks similar to blackberries, only more slender. However, the skin colour of the fruit is green that changes to red then dark purple as they ripen. But some species are coloured white, red or multiple variegated colors.

There are three mulberry species that are recognised as economically important: white mulberry, which is native to eastern and central China, black mulberry, which is native to western Asia; and Red (American) mulberry, which is native to the eastern United States.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

The nutritional profile of mulberries is impressive. A mere cup of organic mulberries benefits those who regularly include it in their diet. It gives:

13.7g of total carbohydrates

2.6mg of iron (that’s 14% the daily recommended intake for women; 32% for men)

11.3g of natural sugars

2.4g of dietary fibre (that’s 6% the recommended intake for women; 10% for men)

2.4g of dietary fibre (that’s 6% the recommended intake for women; 10% for men)

It also increases your Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) intake by 141 micrograms. That is 11% the daily recommended intake for men and 13% for women. There are also significant amounts of fibre, potassium, calcium, other vitamins and minerals. All these for just 60 calories per cup. So if you’re looking into losing weight or managing it, adding mulberries into your diet would certainly help.

What do all these vitamins do?

Iron plays a vital role in transporting oxygen throughout the body and helps in the formation of red and white blood cells making one feel more energised. The natural sugars contained in the fruits are converted to glucose by the body for more energy.

Fibre on the other hand doesn’t just regulate bowel movements or promote a healthy digestive system—although that’s already pretty amazing as it is—it also improves your blood sugar levels and gives you that sense of fullness after a meal.

You don’t get potassium from bananas alone—mulberries also have this important vitamin which aids in the normal function of muscles, nervous system and the body’s blood pressure.

What makes our mulberries different?

Do you know what’s really in your dried mulberries? Do you know how they have been processed? Are you certain it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can harm your health over time? Do you know where they have been sourced in the first place or how the mulberries were grown?We believe the answer to all these questions are critical into producing quality mulberries organic product that, sad to say, are so elusive these days. With the deluge of preservatives that can prolong shelf life thus, helping rake higher profits, so many companies turn to them. It’s the easiest way. But the right way isn’t always easy.

Impact Foods offers you dried mulberries that’s different from the others in every way. We will tell you everything you need to know about our product from beginning up to the final production process so you can decide for yourself.

We grow our mulberry trees in the Hunza Valley in Turkey. This place is ideal for growing mulberries because the area is at a high altitude, on steep terraced slopes free from pollution and contaminants.We are working with local farmers who know the climate by heart; how to deal when the conditions become harsh, climbing to 47°C in the summer and plunging to -12°C in winter.

They irrigate the trees with mineral-rich spring and glacial waters that reach the orchards through a complex system of canals.
The soil where the mulberries grow are naturally-rich and are completely free of any chemicals. Thus, the foundation of growing the highest quality mulberry fruits has been laid.

We don’t just claim our mulberries are organic without backing it up with evidence. We have soil certifications to prove our product has been grown untainted by any kind of chemicals—not during cultivation and not even during or after production. We have the approval of EU organic certification bodies to show for it.

The mulberries are harvested in two ways: handpicking and shaking them from the tree so the fruits can safely fall on the collection sheets placed on the ground. The fruits are carefully groomed—all the leaves, twigs and insects are removed from the pile.Because mulberries are sensitive to storage and since we don’t want to compromise the quality of the fruits, the fruits are immediately arranged to dry out naturally under the sun, often on rooftops. This preserves the fruits and its nutrients and at the same time intensifies its flavour. After drying, the mulberries are once again inspected and sorted for packaging. We don’t leave anything to chance. This way, only the best mulberries organic products reach our clients.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can supply organic dried mulberries Turkey in bulk, private label and white label to anywhere in the UK and Europe. However, in order to meet customer demand and ensure the product is available all year around, occasionally we will buy them from Pakistan instead.

Our organic dried mulberries Turkey can be enjoyed in so many delicious ways—in granolas, yoghurts, cereals, cakes toppings, baked goodies, tarts, mixed with drinks and other sweet and savoury dishes.