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Organic Brahmi Powder

Have you ever experienced that feeling as if your brain seems to be in a fog? Is your memory not as sharp as it used to be? Do you feel as if your brain needs to be “expanded” like a memory’s computer so you could have more room to retain new information?
If you haven’t heard of raw organic Brahmi powder and you are suffering from one of the mental woes we’ve just mentioned…it’s time to take a look because it just might be the answer to your problem.

  • ORIGIN: India
  • AVAILABLE AS: Powder
  • GOOD FOR : Antioxidant, Reduce of Inflammation, Revitalize and rejuvenate mind and body, tonic for improving memory and cognitive function.
  • NUTRITION : inositol, B-vitamin complex
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : 1/8 - 1/4 of a tsp once or twice daily. Powder can be added to water or any other beverage.

What is it?

No, it’s not a synthetic brain or memory enhancer. Brahmi powder actually comes from a little green-leafed plant with tiny white flowers that crawls low and covers the ground. Who would have thought this humble plant that grows in the marshes and wetlands of India, Nepal, and China contains such tremendous power? But it’s no secret, really. Brahmi has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and exactly for that purpose. The name Brahmi was derived from the Indian mythology Vedic God of Creation named “Brahma” who created the universe with just his thoughts. Ayurvedic medicine believes our own thoughts can create diseases in the body. With the help of natural herbs and plants like Brahmi, we can also create our own healing. The ancients have used Brahmi to enhance brain function. However, that is not the sole benefit from this miraculous plant. The whole Brahmi plant was also used to treat insomnia, anxiety and even skin aggravations. Also called “babies tear,” “Bacopa” and “water hyssop,” Brahmi can typically be found growing in abundance from sea level up to altitudes of 4,400 feet. This little crawler will grow anywhere with abundant water and can also be found growing in Hawaii and Florida USA.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

Were the ancients right in using Brahmi as a brain tonic or would scientific research and studies prove they were actually wrong?

Various research points to two chemicals contained in Brahmi—bacosides A and B—as the primary reason for the improvement of transmission of impulses between the brain and nerve cells. Not only that, it also increased protein synthesis in the brain, specifically, in the region associated with long-term memory. Thus, it has been proven that Brahmi does help improve intellect, enhance learning and academic performance, improve memory, and mental acuity and alertness.

The enhancement of neurotransmitters in the body is the foundation of brahmin’s capacity to help with so many neurological diseases. However, it is not its entirety. The positive neurobiological effects of Brahmi along with the plant’s capacity to increase the levels of serotonin in the body which reduces anxiety might also be the reason why it also helps in the treatment of people with ADHD.

What makes our organic Brahmi powder India different?

Do you know how to tell which Brahmi powder has the highest quality? Are you sure you are getting the full spectrum of nutrients from your Brahmi powder? If it can’t provide you the maximum nutrients you should be getting from this amazing plant, you can’t expect it to do its work or feel any different. But:
Impact Foods guarantee that the Brahmi powder we offer has the full composite of the nutritional power—therefore the maximum health benefits—of raw Brahmi. It is pure unadulterated Brahmi extract—we don't offer anything less than that.
We source our Brahmi plants ethically from farmers who grow, raise and cultivate this miraculous plant organically. We use no chemical fertilizers on the soil where the brahmin plants grow on and no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides were utilized at any stage of their growth. To prove this claim, we have soil certifications and the approval of EU organic certification bodies to show for it.

If your Brahmi powder has anything extra added to it—alcohol, synthetic solvents, additives or preservatives—then it's like admitting that their product is indeed of inferior quality.We don't use any harmful chemicals on our Brahmi plants, not just during their growth but even throughout the production period—from plant to powder processing. We believe the power that can inherently be found in Brahmi is more than enough value for our product.

Raw Brahmi has a naturally bitter flavor that can sometimes still be evident in powder form. Our raw organic Brahmi powder has a mild taste which you can still add to scalded milk with a little ghee and a pinch of cardamom. You can also mix it with your salad, vegetable dishes, pickles, soups and other dishes.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can provide a consistent supply of organic Brahmi powder India in bulk, private label and white label. We can also deliver to any place in the UK and all throughout Europe.