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Blueberry Powder | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Blueberry Powder

Succulent and sweet, blueberries are one of the most popular fruit treats of the summer season. It’s one of those fruits you can eat fresh, not just in cakes, jams and preserves. They can also be found in products like blueberry powder and dried blueberries.

But it’s not just their taste and versatility that makes them distinctive, but also its nutritional value. And this nutritional density is something that would really surprise you.

  • AVAILABLE AS: Powder (Freeze Dried); Powder (Air Dried)
  • GOOD FOR : Immune system, collagen formation, bones and muscles, energy-yielding metabolism, nervous system, psychological function, protection of cells from oxidative stress, increases maternal folate status, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, regeneration of vitamin E, iron absorption, formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, body oxygen transport
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Folic acid, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Fibre, Pectin, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin K
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Add 1-3 tsp of powder to water, coconut water, favorite juice or to smoothies. Mix it with yogurt, fresh berries and cereal or make healthy raw desserts.

What is it?

You may not find it hard to look for blueberries as they are often included in so many dishes, but they are actually unique. Blueberries are interestingly the only blue food in existence. Some blueberries though, have a deep purple-black color. The size of the fruit ranges from pea to marble size. You will also find blueberries coated in a whitish-gray covering which serves as the fruit’s protective layer. A native of North America, these cute little blue rounded fruits have so many species concentrated in North America than any other place in the world. There are three main types of blueberries: lowbush, which can also be found in Asia and the Mediterranean, rabbitseye and highbush, which can only be exclusively found in North America. For so many centuries, the only way to enjoy blueberries is to find them in the wild. It was only in the 20th century when scientists were able to unravel the mysteries of cultivating blueberries that commercial growing of this fruit began. Now, this relative of the azalea and rhododendron from the Heath family can now be enjoyed all throughout the year in most continents. There are also products like blueberry powder and dried blueberries. This berry also climbed up the ladder and placed second of the most commonly eaten berries in the US next to strawberries.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

For something bursting with flavour and juices as blueberries, it’s amazing to know it is also packed with so many nutrients. This fruit has been linked to a reduction of so many lifestyle-related diseases. Some of these health claims need further research to be conclusive, but it is certain that:

There is a significant amount of Vitamin K, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and Magnesium which can be found in blueberries. These minerals contribute to normal functions of bone, cognitive, energy-yielding metabolism, oxygent transport, red blod cless and haemoglobin.

Maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. There are variety of things that can affect cholesterol levels and there are some ways you can do to lower it down. But there are things outside of your control that may affect your cholesterol levels too, including woman and man as they aged, heredity that partly determines how much cholesterol your body produces or yet a certain races – for example African Americans that typically have higher HDL and LDL cholesterol levels than white. Though change of lyfestyle alone may be enough to lower you cholesterol but a daily intake of 6g of pectins that is found in blueberries would definetely get you on healthy levels of cholesteterol.

What makes our blueberry powder different?

So many blueberry powder products out there are claiming to be the best without backing it up with concrete evidence. We will tell you what makes our blueberry powder different, so you’d know that when you buy from us, you will surely get more than your money’s worth.
Our blueberry bushes are cultivated in Europe where the conditions are optimal for growing this fruit. This means the blueberries can thrive and bear fruits attaining the highest quality and nutritional content possible.
The soil where our blueberries grow is rich with nutrients so we don’t need to use any chemicals or synthetic fertilisers to aid them in their growth. No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides were also utilised at any point throughout their cultivation. We have soil certification and the approval of EU organic certification bodies to back up this claim.
Our blueberries are raw—we don’t add anything to our blueberry before, during and after production. They are also air-dried under 42 degrees Celsius to make sure no nutrient is lost in the process. This way, our customers will be able to maximize the benefits that only raw blueberries could bring.
And since we don’t rush to pick our blueberries—not immediately as soon as they turn blue—our powder has a naturally sweet, tangy and full taste. That’s the result of prime blueberries; of how we took care of our fruits from beginning to end. Enjoy in blueberry powder recipes like oatmeals, waffles, yoghurt, smoothies, salads, baked goods, and other recipes today!

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can provide a consistent supply of organic blueberry powder in bulk, private label and white label. We can also deliver to any place in the UK and all throughout Europe.