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Coconut Oil UK | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Wholesale Organic Coconut Oil

Not so many oils belong to the superfood category but coconut oil is definitely one of them.  Unlike other oils on the market today, coconut oil is one of the most stable, versatile and healthiest oil there is.  It’s free from trans-fat and contains naturally saturated fats that when taken at the recommended amount, helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the body.

  • ORIGIN: Sri Lanka or Philippines
  • AVAILABLE AS: Organic, Extra Virgin, and Raw. Organic deodorised coconut oil and MCT oil is also available.
  • GOOD FOR : Bone mineral in post-menopausal women, digestion, red blood cells and haemoglobin, blood sugar, blood flow and pressure, cognitive function, energy-yielding metabolism, immune system.
  • NUTRITION : Iron, Calcium, Health Fat (Medium Chain Fatty Acids)
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Eat it of the spoon, mix it in porridge, bake with it, or make some nice health raw creations. It can also be used on your skin and in your hair, works miracles!

How Coconut Oil is made?

But not all coconut oils are the same.  Basically, there are two kinds of coconut oil: refined and unrefined. Refined coconut oil is commonly sold at grocery stores.  It is made by extracting oil from dried coconut meat or what we call as “copra.”  Because the drying process of copra produces contaminants, it has to be treated with bleach to reduce bacteria. To ensure bacteria removal and at the same time, extraction of flavor, the oil is processed under high heat.  Many manufacturers utilize chemicals to extract as much oil as they possibly could from copra. Aside from this, other refined coconut oils are also partially hydrogenated which has been linked to cholesterol and heart problems.  Manufacturers also add sodium hydroxide in their coconut oil to prolong shelf life. On the other hand, unrefined coconut oil or sometimes called “extra-virgin” or “pure coconut oil,” is produced without bleach and has not been hydrogenated, deodorized or refined

Our wholesale Organic Coconut Oil

Our wholesale organic coconut oil is raw and unrefined and is made from coconut fruits that have been organically grown and cultivated in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.   The mature fruits are manually harvested, opened and shelled using a machete. The fresh white coconut meat is carefully separated, washed and cold-pressed to extract the finest and richest virgin coconut oil.  After collecting the oil, a simple filtration and centrifugation process is done so that only the best coconut oil raw virgin is produced. This is the same method our farmers have been using for centuries so we know and can guarantee that we can deliver coconut oil that’s not only pure, but also naturally aromatic and flavorful.  Use our oil in cooking, baking and creating delicious raw foods.  Our virgin and organic coconut oil can also work wonders on your hair and skin. Impact Foods can consistently supply bulk virgin coconut oil in drums, pails and private label jars and we can deliver in the UK and all throughout Europe