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Lucuma Powder | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Lucuma Powder

There are many reasons to love lucuma, an exotic Peruvian fruit. It has a creamy texture, a citrusy flavour with just the right sweetness of maple and a power pack of lucuma nutrition to go along with its delicious taste.

  • ORIGIN: Peru
  • AVAILABLE AS: Powder
  • GOOD FOR : Cognitive development and function, skin, bone and muscle, heart immune system, protection of cells from oxidative Stress, energy-yielding metabolism, formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, blood oxygen, tiredness and fatigue, nervous system, psychological function, blood pressure
  • NUTRITION : Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Add 1-3 tsp to water, coconut water, favorite juice or to smoothie. Mix it with yogurt, fresh berries and cereal or make healthy raw desserts, ice creams, puddings and powder bars.

What is it?

After encountering it for the first time in the 1500’s, Europeans have referred to lucuma as “eggfruit.” That is because the exotic fruit—which has an outward appearance between a nashi pear and a mango—has a flesh the color and texture of which are similar to a hard-boiled egg. But it was not the Europeans who discovered lucuma. Rather, it has been cultivated by ancient Peruvians since 200 AD. They this subtropical fruit of the Pouteria lucuma tree it in the highlands somewhere between 4,500 to 10,000 feet in altitude which makes it almost inaccessible to other people. Ancient Peruvians call lucuma “Gold of the Incas” using it not just as a staple food but also as a religious offering associated with fertility, longevity and creation. They so love this golden fruit, from before until today, that they named 26 villages after it. Contemporary celebrations still include this precious fruit.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

After using the fruits for such a long time, ancient Peruvians know what the benefits of lucuma are. They know how to use it and for what specific affliction or ailment. Some have not been proven by science yet, but a number of lucuma benefits have been confirmed by research and the results are impressive.

For instance, Rutgers University evaluated the anti-inflammatory effects of lucuma extracts on wounds. Results indicate the Peruvian fruit may aid in faster closure of wounds and tissue regeneration. On top of that, it even has anti-aging properties.

The colour of lucuma is yellow and like other fruits and vegetables of this shade, this fruit is also rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A. These promote better eyesight, cellular growth and protection against many types of diseases.

While others get their niacin or Vitamin B3 needs from meat, lucuma can offer the same for those who do not prefer eating animal meat. In fact, lucuma also offers the same amount of calcium as a glass of cow’s milk, significant amounts of iron, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and 14 trace elements which all help in proper digestion, regulation of sex hormones, increasing energy levels and development of muscles.

You can use lucuma as a natural low GI sweetener and unlike regular sugar, lucuma would not spike up your blood sugar. This means lucuma is safe even for diabetics.

There are many other lucuma health benefits: fibre, whole food carbohydrates, and to top it off, it is also gluten-free.

What makes our lucuma products different?

We, non-Peruvians, may find it difficult to have access to lucuma. Good thing, there are products like lucuma powder which would enable us to also benefit from the fruit.

But unlike other lucuma powder which have used fruits laced with chemicals or have been haphazardly processed, our product is raw, organic and lightweight. This is the result of the heart, dedication and skills we put into making a high-quality lucuma product.

We grow our lucuma on orchards located at high altitudes in Peru. This is so it could grow healthy and well until they are ready to bear fruits. We harvest them mainly between January and April.After harvest, the lucuma fruits are washed and cut into small slices. They are then delicately dehydrated at low temperatures (below 45°C) so as not to destroy its nutrients and flavour. The dehydrated fruits are then milled into a superfine powder and tested for any presence of microbes.

Our raw, organic lucuma powder can naturally be stored for as long as two years. No preservatives, additives or chemicals of any sort are incorporated with the powder. We have certifications and the approval of EU organic certification bodies to prove this. What our clients get is pure, natural and raw organic lucuma powder.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can supply organic lucuma powder in bulk, private label and white label to anywhere in the UK and Europe. Try the delicious flavour of our organic raw lucuma powder and fortify your drinks and smoothies, ice cream and milkshakes, cakes, biscuits, cookies and pies, yoghurt, pudding, and other sweet desserts.