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Cacao Paste | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Raw Cacao Paste

Traditional chocolate bars, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, chocolate drink. These delicious snacks may seem an unhealthy choice, but with the right kind of cacao used in them and without the added fat and sugar companies add in them, they can actually become a health food choice.

  • ORIGIN: Ecuador, Peru or Dominican Republic
  • AVAILABLE AS: Organic and Raw, Blocks, Chunks or Drops
  • GOOD FOR : Skin, Heart, Energy, Brain, Digestive System, Bone and Muscle, Blood Sugar Level, Blood Pressure, Immune System, Oxidative Stress Damage, Cell Division.
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Minerals, Antioxidants
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Use Cacao Paste to make delicious Raw Chocolate or creative Raw Creations

How Raw Cacao Paste is made

Raw cacao paste, also called cacao liquor, is an amazing product used to make chocolates and other chocolate creations. This is especially true when you’re making traditional chocolate bars from scratch. Cacao paste is versatile which can be attributed to its silky yet firm consistency. Because of this, one can easily blend and manipulate it in different recipes. But how is cacao paste made? Inside the cacao fruit are whole cacao beans which, when grinded, slowly release its liquid/butter and mixes with the solid part of the beans. Together, it makes a smooth liquid paste which we know of as raw cacao paste. This paste remains liquid while being grinded but solidifies quickly when at room temperature.

Our Raw Cacao Paste

Our raw cacao paste originated from Peru and Ecuador where cacao trees naturally grow. We stoneground our cacao nibs—which we grow organically—for 10 to 12 hours to make the finest and smoothest paste. We keep the temperature below 47 degrees all throughout the grinding process to ensure that the natural properties contained in cacao are retained. After that, our raw cacao paste undergoes strict inspection before being packed for dispatch. Eating raw cacao benefits the human body in many ways. Our cacao paste, which we also provide in block form and in broken pieces, is excellent in promoting skin, heart, brain and stomach health. It helps boost energy, fight depression and promote weight loss. Its rich and potent taste is great for making raw chocolate bars, hot choco drink, mixed in trail food, shaved on ice creams and cakes. Our raw cacao paste works in a lot of recipes—you can use it as you would conventional baking chocolate. And with a bit of sweetener, can even be eaten and enjoyed as it is..