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Organic Ginseng Powder

Perhaps ginseng will take first place if there ever was a competition about the world’s most popular health food today. It seems everyone knows or has heard of this root. People use it for different purposes: to relieve stress, slow down aging and so many others. We believe it’s high time to pick apart this interesting herbal remedy.

  • ORIGIN: Korean or Siberian
  • AVAILABLE AS: Powder
  • GOOD FOR : Energy boost, Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, Reduce stress, Promote relaxation, men erectile dysfunction
  • NUTRITION : Ginsenosides, Polyacetylenes, Polyphenolic compounds, Acidic polysaccharides
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : 1 to 2 g can be taken daily for up to 3 months. Powder can be added to water or any other beverage.

What is it?

An aromatic herb, ginseng has a short underground stem and an above-ground single stem that dies every year. It is a perennial plant which is a member of the genus Panax and grown primarily for its fleshy root. Two years after being planted, the ginseng plant blooms. On its 6th year, it will be ready for harvesting. There are eleven varieties of ginseng, but only two take the top spot in popularity—American ginseng and Asian ginseng. American ginseng has a tan color and is used as a cool and calming tonic. Asian ginseng, on the other hand, is an adaptogenic herb which simply means it helps the body cope with stress. It is colored red and is also called Korean ginseng. Ginseng can be found growing in East Asia, North America and in cooler climates. It was first discovered about 5,000 years ago in Manchuria, China. It could have been first utilised as a food source but was soon revered for its strength-giving powers. This gnarly root quickly became an important part of traditional Chinese medicine since the third century AD. Today, ginseng can often be bought in any place in the world as tea, capsule, and liquid or powder extract.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

Scientists are skeptical about the power of ginseng saying only a few “high-quality” studies have been done about it. But those few research will give you a glimpse of what ginseng can actually do for you.

It boosts the immune system. Studies show ginseng contain ginsenosides which help suppress the severity of coughs and colds. It may even help decrease the risk of contracting other respiratory problems.

Could improve sexual dysfunction. A study has shown that over half of the men with erectile dysfunction who took ginseng regularly improved their condition. Several other studies carried out on the same subject point out that the ginsenoside properties in ginseng may help facilitate penile erections.

It boosts energy. The ancients knew and have used ginseng to boost energy. But it is only much later that research has just proven ginseng can help people who are weak, tired and stressed out.

All the health benefits of taking fresh ginseng or organic ginseng powder regularly cannot be contained in just one page. Some of these include facilitating weight loss and hair re-growth, could help control blood sugar level , decrease premenstrual syndrome symptoms and help regularize menstruation, improves mood, lung, and brain function.

What makes our ginseng powder different?

Today, the health benefits of ginseng can be enjoyed not just in its fresh form, but also in dried, capsule, tablet and powdered forms. These products are made from ginseng roots and root hairs.

Beware though that some ginseng products are not what they claim to be on their label. The stated Panax content may be considerably less from the actual ginseng in the powder. In fact, it may have no ginseng at all. Make sure to purchase ginseng powder only from reputable companies.

Other companies resort to pesticides and chemical fertilizers to protect their ginseng plants from pests and help them grow—this despite those chemicals having negative effects on the quality of the final produce and the health of those who would consume it.Our ginseng plants are grown organically—no harmful chemicals have been used on the soil and the plants themselves at any point throughout their cultivation and processing. We have soil certification and the approval of EU organic certification bodies to back up this claim.

As we have said earlier, there are many ginseng products out in the market that contain little or no ginseng at all. And because ginseng is very difficult to produce, it may also have sugar, caffeine, alcohol, phenylbutazone, aminopyrine and other substandard herbs just to “fluff up” their product.Our organic ginseng powder contains pure, unadulterated ginseng. It has been skilfully processed to extract every bit of active ingredient in the fresh roots and translated into powder form.

Yes, every bit—we don’t make standardised ginseng preparations, choosing only some ginsenosides to be extracted from the roots. When you buy ginseng powder from us, you will get the natural ratio of ginsenosides naturally found in fresh ginseng. This way, you can be sure of getting the maximum benefits offered by this powerful root.

Not all ginseng roots are equal, fresh or not. It takes six full years for ginseng to reach maturity and roots harvested too early contain inferior amounts of minerals and substances (therefore inferior health benefits as well) compared to mature roots. Because of this, mature roots are hard to find, therefore more expensive.We want our clients to get the full spectrum of ginseng powder benefits so we made sure our organic ginseng powder is made only from mature ginseng roots.

Where and how much can we deliver?

Impact Foods can provide a consistent supply of organic Korean ginseng powder in bulk, private label and white label. We can also deliver to any place in the UK and all throughout Europe.