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Cacao Butter | Organic Foods UK | Impact Foods International Ltd.

Organic Raw Cacao Butter

For years, we have seen the words “cacao butter” included in the ingredients of a product. We also often see it in beauty products like salves, lip balm, lotion, shampoo and make-up. But as research about this butter deepens, it is slowly becoming apparent that its uses extend beyond just external beauty products.

  • ORIGIN: Ecuador, Peru
  • AVAILABLE AS: Organic and Raw, block or broken up pieces
  • GOOD FOR : Skin, Heart, Energy, Brain, Digestive System, Bone and Muscle, Blood Sugar Level, Blood Pressure, Immune System, Oxidative Stress Damage, Cell Division.
  • NUTRITION : Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Minerals, Antioxidants
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Make amazing Raw Chocolate or other tasty and healthy chocolate creations. Can also be used externally on your skin!

How Cacao Butter is made

Raw cacao butter comes from raw cacao beans that have been pressed in order to extract its oils, which we now call raw cacao butter. The growing interest people have for raw food in recent years prompted many companies to delve more into the production of raw organic cacao butter. Cacao butter is the purest form of cacao oil and has the most of its nutritional value retained. Because of this cacao butter can now be found in health food stores. But is raw cacao healthy? Aside from being responsible in giving chocolate its consistency and bulk (it’s the reason why chocolate melts in your mouth), raw organic cacao butter delivers oleic acid which help reduce the risk of heart disease. It contains appreciable amounts of Vitamins K, Vitamin E, theobromine, antioxidants and other vitamins and micronutrients that all work together to promote weight loss, boost energy, improve brain function, combat depression, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. It is a stable vegetable fat that melts at human body temperature making it an ideal and effective skin cream, moisturizer and stretchmark remover.

Our Raw Cacao Butter

Our organic raw cacao butter originated from Peru and Ecuador where cacao trees naturally grow. This means we produce cacao fruits that are not just robust but also organically cultivated. And because our cacao butter contains significant amounts of antioxidants that make the cacao butter naturally resistant to oxidation—or turning rancid. Impact Foods supplies organic raw cacao butter in blocks and broken up pieces; in bulk, private label and white label.